Nadel Paris


Jul 20

In order to become an author you have to have something to say, a desire to get it down in some fashion, and hopefully an audience who wants to read it.


That sounds harder than it really is. Most of the time people don’t consider that they have anything to say, nor do they believe that anyone out there will listen to them. Knowing what I know, that’s a strange position to take.


If you have ever talked to someone, at any length at all, chances are good you had something to say, and someone wanted to hear it. This is true for many ideas people may have for a book. I do want to make a distinction here…authoring a book can be coming up with a great story idea, creating memorable characters, and developing a suspenseful plot.


But, did you know that most books bought today are nonfiction?


And…did you also know that most people who buy books are women?


I haven’t delved far enough into the field to figure out the “why” of this phenomenon, but I have determined that if you want to write a book and have people read it, it should be a nonfiction book that is of some interest to women.


This does not mean that you have to write a book for women that is only about things like beauty, or pregnancy, or children.


Women have a great many interests, and they include things like stocks, finance, auto mechanics, management, self-improvement. And here’s a real interesting secret…many women will buy a book the guy in her life might need to read. So, you’re going to be marketing to that woman, and marketing hard. You want her to know just how your book is going to make a change in her life, her business, the life of her family, the life of her husband, her husband’s business…do you see where I’m going here?


There is a book coming out that talk to women about auto-care. This is not the first book written on this topic directed at women, but it is by the owner of an auto repair shop who feels that women need to know a little bit more about their vehicles. With that knowledge, they won’t feel quite so vulnerable when they have to take it to the shop for repairs.


Most women feel that they are being taken advantage of when they go to an auto repair shop.


Is this true? It doesn’t matter if it is true. What matters is that the woman believes it to be true; therefore to her it is a reality. Do you see how this simple little book can change the lives of women, in a male-dominated world? It will probably be a very strong seller.


To recap, to become an author, you need to have information that you are willing to share with someone who needs it. You can certainly be the next Tom Clancy or Elizabeth George or Patricia Cornwell if that is your deepest, darkest desire. You can also write down the information that you use on a daily basis and share it with people who need it.


You’ll be an author either way, won’t you?


Nadel Paris is a songwriter, dancer and a published author. She began her professional career as a SAG/AFTRA agent and later started a successful acting school in Orange County, California. Nadel has written numerous screenplays, but her first love is novel writing. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French.

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