Nadel Paris

Jul 26

Here are seven quick and easy top tips and suggestions by Nadel Paris and EDM artist to improve your Singing X Factor.


1) Correct posture is essential. You need to be standing up straight with your feet firmly planted on the floor; imagine roots growing out from the soles of your feet into the bowels of the earth so that you are properly grounded. Equally you need to be connected to divine inspiration and able to bring that down to earth so think of a cord of light reaching from the top of your head into heavens and the sky above.


2) You need to gently warm your voice up and then take yourself all the way in a training session once on the day of the performance before the gig itself so that you are properly warmed up and firing on all cylinders for your performance but not tired from over singing.


3) Correct vocal training over time is crucial ingredient in developing your singing X factor. Just like an athlete who has to train their muscles and body for their chosen sport, singers have to train their body to sing. This usually entails vocal exercises that are repeated often for years to train the body to create the best sound it can.


4) Knowing your material inside out, upside down, backward and forwards utterly and completely as if it has become a part of your body like your right arm is going to help you deliver a convincing performance. It is estimated that we loose 100% in performance which means we need to go in with 200 %.


5) Singing with total and utter authenticity and truth will cut through the bullshit and give your performance power. One of the factors that lead to STAR quality is how truthful a performer is.


6) Stage craft includes knowing where to look; knowing how to hold your hands and body; which part of the song is the climax and exactly what your song is saying; the message and mood of your songs are all aspects of stage craft which is part of your preparation in learning your material.


7) We all need somebody to report to on a regular basis as we work on the points above. By this it means finding a good singing teacher or vocal coach and having regular singing lessons, whether it is with an individual voice teacher or on singing courses. It is very difficult to be objective about our own performance and even well established professionals working in the music business have a personal singing coach to help them develop their performance and offer an outside opinion on what they are doing. Working with professional help will speed up the learning process and help you master these points. It is also more fun and less lonely.


If you follow these tips Nadel Paris you will feel much more confident about your singing and your performing. This will help to release the Singing X Factor in you.

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