Nadel Paris

Oct 10

Truly, parenting is mankind’s greatest responsibility, expending maximum effort to nurture progeny toward greater potential and accomplishment. In this great endeavor, the wise make every effort to instill the enviable societal values of ethics, ethos, and personal productivity. The magic of music is our foremost partner. Music is the quintessence of spirituality; in fact, music is a worship medium in many church assemblies. Therefore, music cannot be separated from its uplifting qualities in mind development, pleasure, and spirituality.


Music cannot of itself make your child a genius and therefore a success outside music genre; however, mental dexterity is a consequence of musical accomplishment. Brain development, to accomplish multiple tasks, is a direct result of the dexterity necessary to read music, sense rhythm, realize tone, and to coordinate eye, foot, ear, voice, hand, arm and finger senses. Really, creating music is a little more difficult than walking and chewing gum at the same time; yet, music is one of our most natural inclinations.


Listening to music and learning to reproduce its inherent appeal gives participants the opportunity to develop different levels of appreciation for music genre and understanding for the rhythms thus developed. Through skills developed, we expand the quality of character, enlarge cell capacity for future intellect, and even command the inherence of lifelong enjoyment. Above the entrance portal of a now abandoned, for over forty years, rural school building in Oklahoma, still shines an oratorical encouragement carved in granite, “Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its most immediate boundaries.” No more profound words could ever be carved into young student consciousness. Musical knowledge casts such a light. Parents would do well to instill these words into their own and progeny consciousness.


Fortunate indeed, is the parent who can transform the boredom of public education into the excitement of anticipated teamwork, the thrill of harmony, and to thus create a sense of school fun. Excellence in music, as with any other outstanding attribute, is not only another source of scholarship, but is far-reaching in societal interactions and career outlook. Confidence is a shining example of music influence and its accompanying need to know, to push the envelope. Thus, knowledge as an intellectual incidence emerged as contributory of music.


Music education can be a challenge in many school districts, where the focus is core academics, to the neglect of art and music. Several studies, across America, show the effect of music participation will assist students to connect with self and the world at large. Music fellowship gives children sharper skills and increased confidence and helps to master other difficult subjects, particularly mathematics. Parents should insist music be a part of curriculum. If such is out of the question, then private study is an alternative — which agency should be a part of extracurricular activity anyway.
Allegedly, Albert Einstein, a violinist, said of Special Relativity: “It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception.” What better accolade to music than this incentive to greatness?


Music opens opportunity to children from differing backgrounds. Schools without art and music offer an incomplete curriculum, neglecting a universal language. Music contributes literacy, numeracy, discipline, teamwork and creativity — keys to the love of learning — striking sparks of illumination from the country school portal holding those immortal words.


Clearly, music instruction result in higher test scores, in every survey. It is in incentives to knowledge and investigation where we find the great minds of science and philosophy busily engaged. Almost all are accomplished musicians. Thus, in physics, in metaphysics, in the intuition of music, we evaluate the impact and worthiness of modern religion, we find influence from music opening the mind to developed exegesis and intuition to effect new found denouement of biblical cabal.
Roads to success lie outside the rut of indolence and nonperformance — we can enrich our secular and spiritual life through adventures in music. Today is the day to enlarge your life.


Nadel Paris is a singer, music producer, songwriter, dancer, and recording artist. Her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, and Urban
She is also an actor, an acting coach and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. For year Nadel Paris and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children.
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