Nadel Paris

Sep 04

You may be hurting your voice and destroying your potential of becoming a successful singer every time you practice.

Vocal practice can actually harm your voice if you’re not doing it right. The reason vocal practice can do more harm than good is because singers fail to address common singing problems. They ignore these singing problems and keep practicing until they ruin their voice.


Practice can only help your voice if you’re doing it right. If you are practicing the wrong way, you are training your voice to sing the wrong way. You are training yourself to fail and sound awful. Even worse, you could be damaging your vocal chords and hurting your chances of a singing career by not dealing with any singing problems you may have.


Many singers end up ruining their voices and their chance of a singing career because they fail to address common singing problems early and effectively. Most successful singers overcome these singing problems through years of hard work and by working with a vocal coach. Locating an experienced expert vocal coach and working with the vocal coach on a regular basis is the best way to overcome singing problems.


The most common singing problem that people fail to over come is pushing and straining your voice to hit those high notes. This is a very destructive practice that can actually hurt your vocal chords. Practicing to make your voice higher and increase the volume of your singing will hurt your voice. Doing this over and again can lead to damage that may require medical care. Don’t do this if you want a singing career.


The way to get your voice ready to hit the high notes is to do proper exercises under the guidance of a professional vocal coach. The coach can listen to your voice and determine the best way for you to develop it.


Another bad habit that can create a lot of problems for a singer is constantly flipping between voices. Many singers do this because they haven’t developed their whole range of singing voice. Unfortunately, many singers try to address this problem through mindless exercises that will only make the problem worse. The way to address this problem is to work with a professional vocal coach on a regular basis.


One of the biggest singing problems people face is a lack of power when they sing. Their voice is simply too soft to make an impression or perform many songs. Generally, this occurs to singers because they haven’t developed the entire range of their singing voice. Once again the way to overcome this problem is through proper vocal coaching.


So how does a singer find a vocal coach to help overcome their singing problems? A good place to begin is a school that offers music lessons particularly vocal lessons. Another place to look is Craigslist or community bulletin boards professional music teachers often advertise in these places. Your local public school system or community college may offer music lessons that you can take advantage of as well. Even if no music lessons are offered the music teachers there may know of a professional who can help you.


Another good place to look would be churches and other places of worship with choirs. The choir directors there might be able to direct you to a professional vocal coach that can help. Don’t forget word of mouth, talk to professional and amateur singers in your area and see if they know someone who can help you.


Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban …etc. Nadel Paris has a warm very distinct sound, amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.
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